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ManyMonths ECO Hempies Bandana


The Bandana Scarf is a new product in our ManyMonths ECO Baby & Kids assortment. An adjustable bandana bib in double layers made of our much loved organic cotton to keep baby dry and comfortable (and save mummy and daddy some laundry)!

  • Soft and elastic
  • Adjustable with several durable nylon snaps
  • One size from baby even to adult


The ECO Bandana Scarf is adjustable with three nylon snaps and stretchy as well, so it works for the whole family. 
Very easy to use, and looks really trendy and cool as you can see on the pictures.

A bandana scarf saves a lot of baby laundry; no need to change clothing several times a day, keeps baby's clothing dry/drier, baby's chest warm and protects against dribble rash - all of this fully breathable without any waterproof layer.

A must-have for the teething months, and for everyday wear during the cold season to keep every child comfortable in all kinds of weather. Also stays in place much better than an ordinary scarf.

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ECO Rib: 95% ORGANIC cotton/5% elastane rib fabric

Available in Sizes



Blue Purple/Pink Peony