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Natural Wool Ruched Tights (NEW)

Natural Wool Ruched Tights

Natural Wool Body/Shirt Short SleeveNatural Wool Ruched Tights

Natural Wool Ruched Tights

The Ruched Unisex Tights are a new addition to the ManyMonths collection, created to solve the issue with cold feet and pant legs riding up when the baby is carried in slings or carriers, riding in a car/bike seat or stroller.

The Ruched Unisex Tights have elasticated legs and feet to provide comfort and ease of movement, to offer a perfect fit for a very long time of use, and the foot part is tube-style to make it fit despite actual foot size. Waist is elasticated and adjustable with a buttonhole elastic, back part is cut and sewn with diapers in mind.

Made of 100% natural merino wool rib which grows and adapts to different baby shapes, is temperature regulating, moisture wicking, super soft and breathable, offers high comfort and shape retention, and is naturally UV-protective and flame resistant.

Comes in two sizes: Charmer 3–6/9 months (62–68/74 cm) and Explorer 6–12/18 months (68–80/86 cm). The smaller size fits many babies already from a few weeks forward. Perfect for wearing as such, underneath other pants during the cold months and with dresses or skirts.

Material and Care

100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for MaM Design.

Machine washable.

Available in Sizes

Charmer (3–6/9 months)
Explorer (6–12/18 months)

Size Chart


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