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Natural Wool Reversible Winter Booties (NEW)

Natural Wool Ruched Tights

Natural Wool Ruched TightsNatural Wool Ruched Tights

-"I feel so cozy", says the young toddler warm and comfy on your back. Everyone with experience in babywearing knows that the feet of a child in a sling/carrier get cold easily, even when using a babywearing jacket/cover or regular winter shoes. The toes need wiggle space and plenty of trapped air around. The ankles are also sensitive to chill and when being worn or sitting in the car/bike seat/stroller it's a fact that pants ride up (also try our Ruched Tights).

The Reversible Winter Booties are 
                                            more adjustable
than anything we have come across on the market so far. They are made of double layers of fabric: 100% merino wool and 360 g/m2 polar fleece of partly recycled fibres. The Booties cover both baby and toddler ankles, they have two elasticized parts with button-hole elastic for personalized fit and comfort. The shaft can be worn raised or folded down. They are cut generously for free movement of the foot inside and for easy dressing also with thick winter clothing like snowsuits.

Choose the ManyMonths Long Rib Booties for beach walks in the wind during the warmer season, and the Reversible Winter Booties for any weather where you'd feel like wearing wool socks yourself...

Material and Care

Double layers. Shell: 360g/m2 polar fleece (~30% recycled), lining: 100% merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for MaM Design.

Machine washable.

Available in Sizes

Newcomer/Charmer (0–6/9 months)
Explorer (6–12/18 months)

Size Chart


Silver Pearl-Raspberry Red
Deep Sea -Royal Turquoise
Black-Silver Grey

Almond Chocolate Dark Almond Chocolate Golden Bee