ManyMonths Explorer 6-12/18 months Adventurer - 1-2/2,5 years a Conqueror - 3-4,5/5 months NewComer 0-3/4 months Innovator - 5-7/7,5 years Miracle - Preemie Innovator and Beyond Size Chart

ManyMonths (&MaM) Woollies 2017–18

NEW 2015-16

Colours 2017–18

New Arrivals:

Sweet Apple
Lilac Rose
Mykonos Waters
Raspberry Red
Provence Blue
Foggy Black

Sweet Apple Lilac Rose Mykonos Blue Raspberry Red Procence Blue Foggy Black

Kid MultiTube

The most awaited Kid MultiTube to be used as a hat, a scarf and even a body tube/swaddle for calming the smallest babies.

  • The cuffs and the actual tube parts are elastic due to the ribbed fabric.
  • Combo colours
  • Two sizes: Explorer/Adventurer and Conqueror & beyond



Dino Multi-Cape UNiQUE

NEW ARRIVAL: A very UNiQUE Hooded Dino Cape (also in a new bigger size!) and Dino Tubes for arms and legs to complete the look. 

The ManyMonths Multi-Cape truly grows with the child - it is suitable from birth to Innovator size, throughout the entire ManyMonths age. In the beginning, the Multi-Cape is great as a warming layer wearing baby in a sling and as a quick, easy additional layer to wear when the evening gets chilly. Also in a stroller, car and bike seat. Later, it is perfect as a shoulder cape with a dress or skirt. Such a lovely garment for child play as well. (Be a bird, a bat, a knight, a princess...!)


Kangaroo Pants with Big Pocket

New arrival cute designed pants with fantastic big pocket in front for treasures.

  • Adjusting strap in the waist
  • Big pocket made of hemp/organic cotton
  • Special design to give room for the diapers
  • Long leg ends help adjusting


Jester Beanie

New arrival: Jester Beanie with funny tassels

  • Soft and flexible
  • Height adjustable with snaps
  • Two sizes: Charmer/Explorer ja Adventurer/Conqueror

Keeping the head warm makes the whole body feel good!  A fantastic and funny Beanie that fits perfectly for a very long time!


Dino Jester Beanie UNiQUE

New arrival: Jester Beanie with playful dino spikes

  • Soft and flexible
  • Height adjustable with snaps
  • Two sizes: Charmer/Explorer ja Adventurer/Conqueror


Thermal Under/Over Top with Pocket UNiQUE

A unisex sleeveless top for use as a comfortable base layer underneath other clothing or as a vest on top of short and long sleeve shirts to give more warmth and a different look. Top is available in sizes Adventurer, Conqueror, Innovator


Cardigan with Button Collar UNiQUE 

The ManyMonths Woollies Cardigan is a charming garment with adjustable sleeves and with a higher button collar to keep the important inner organs warm, and is excellent for layering. Beautiful coconut button closure and stylish V-neck.


Adjustable Orion Wrap

Fancy vest in Adventurer and Conqueror/Innovator sizes.

  • Perfect for layering.
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Easy to wear
  • Adjustable width


Adjustable String for NewComer/Charmer and Explorer/Adventurer Mittens

Adjustable String for the smaller sizes of the Long Cuff Mittens

  • Adjust length with snaps Suitable for mittens NewComer/Charmer to Explorer/Adventurer
  • Keeps mittens in tiny hands and not so easy to take mittens off.


Dino Tubes for Arms and Legs UNiQUE

NEW ARRIVALS: The ManyMonths Natural Wool Dino-Tubes for both legs and arms and to combine with Dino MultiCape and Dino Jester Beanie.

The cuffs and the actual tube parts are elastic due to the ribbed fabric and the Tubes are supplied with adjustable buttonhole elastics, which keep the Tubes in place even better, if needed.

Elephant Hood Happy Bug & Hood with Lace UNIQUE

Our Elephant Hood has always been one of the most popular ManyMonths garments. Now available in UNiQUE versions: with lovely lace or funny Happy Bug .

Lightly Padded Knee Tubes

Lightly Padded Knee Tubes - finally! A great looking no-sew slip-on solution.

  • The cuffs and the actual tube parts are elastic due to the ribbed fabric.
  • Combo colours
  • Protect the fabric from wearing
  • Renew your favourite pants with knee tubes


MaM Motherhood Woollies Leggings 

The MaM Motherhood Woollies All-the-Time Leggings are designed to become your favourite piece of clothing. 

Made for all occasions - dressed up or down. Wear with a tunic as such or combine with a skirt, keep warm in the midst of winter with additional layers as needed. Adjustable low waist with button-hole-elastic to allow for maternity and post-maternity body changes. Back waist cut higher to stay well in place and keep you comfortable and warm enjoying the outdoors.

MaM Motherhood Woollies Tunic

Show your bump in this fabulous MaM Motherhood Woollies Tunic made of 100% merinowool.

From the office to a dinner date, this stylish dress will have you looking chic whatever the occasion.

This Motherhood Woolies Tunic has a classic design that adapts to the changing body with two lovely sewn-on pockets. A horizontal cut below the breasts allows for adjustability and convenient breastfeeding. 

MaM Natural Woollies MultiTube Wool

Maternity garment AND a nursing top in one - it even works as a skirt!

  • Adjustable and elastic upper hem
  • Made of soft and warm merino wool rib
  • Combo sizes S/M and L/XL

Wear on top of unbuttoned jeans for the comfort of your growing tummy during pregnancy. Pull up above your breasts to use as a nursing top covering your belly and back either underneath another top or as it is. Combine also with MaM Nursing Shirts with matching colours.