2022-2023 Collection

We are bringing you a total of seven colours for next autumn/winter, to combine with former collections, and make new connections in your capsule wardrobes. As always, we’ve listened to your/the ManyMonths family’s wishes and for the first time in the history of ManyMonths, we’ve designed a collection of exclusively melange merino wool knits. What does melange mean? It’s a heathered fabric, made of several colours knitted together to form a unique colour effect with somewhat muted and moody shades. These colours and our pure, high-quality merino wool rib aren’t found anywhere else as they are custom-made for MaM Design.

TOASTED COCONUT — Toasting coconut flakes adds depth and makes them taste sweeter and nuttier adding great flavour and texture to whatever recipe they’re combined with. Let our Toasted Coconut melange rib do the same for your capsule wardrobe and combo outfits. Some are saying that beige and sandy tones are the new black, fit with everything, and currently they are also the total chic colour par excellence. Our Toasted Coconut is a colour with life – a lighter colour being forgiving what comes to stains due to the hazelnut parts of the irregular melange effect.

POTTER’S CLAY — It sounds a little weird said out loud, but many of us have a yearning to get brown back into the wardrobe. Paint and colour expert Annie Sloan said: “This kind of desert palette always looks luxurious and comforting, whether on walls or textiles…” and Patricia Greco, a developer of ColorReader devices: “Brown is also a grounding colour, which is a quality that we’re especially drawn to after the past couple of years.” The new Natural Woollies colour Potter’s Clay is a terracotta melange, reminding us of a handmade flower pot with some interesting shading in the clay. A fantastic combination with the returning Toasted Coconut, but also beautiful used with Blue Mist, Foggy Black, and Pea Purée.

PEA PURÉE — Pea Purée was inspired by the famous Finnish pea soup. Pretty much everyone in Finland eats pea soup for lunch on Thursdays, followed by oven pancake squares with strawberry jam for dessert. The same meal is served both in schools and lunch cafeterias. Hot soup is great on a winter’s day after spending time outdoors, and full of healthy and ecological vegetable protein. We’ve called the colour Pea Purée (not soup) as our Woollies colour looks more like baby purée made of peas and potatoes, beautifully earthy, fresh, and mild. Could also be described as buttery avocado or pear green. Makes a stunning combination with Garden Moss Green, a soft palette with Toasted Coconut, and a nature lover’s choice with Potter’s Clay.

BLUE MIST — Misty blues are common in Scandinavian interior design. In Lapland, the sun won’t rise above the horizon at all for 1-3 months depending on the location. We call our polar night kaamos in Finnish. The darkness isn’t total, though, it takes on gorgeous, blue shades like the after-sunset hour in the summer, and this special time of the year has inspired our new melange blue. The fabric gives a jeans-like impression; the blue has been mixed with silvery grey threads. Some say that kaamos blue will tame a restless soul, and we hope our Blue Mist will transmit a calming, peaceful feel.

WEST WIND ROSE — Wild roses tend to stir one’s thoughts towards Medieval times of knights, princes, and princesses, dinosaurs even, as many of them date back well into our history. It’s said that wild roses evolved before the dinosaurs some 70 million years ago, and images of roses were even found in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. The West Wind Rose colour has a similar feel as Stork Pink, but it’s somewhat darker while also having an ancient marbled effect. Species of wild roses are tough and will grow in just about any soil conditions. These wonderful roses will produce beautiful rose hips that carry over into winter and provide food for the birds if left on the bushes. This is a colour of dreams, to be combined with Toasted Coconut for mellower days and with Dusty Grape when it’s time to be creative. Particularly lovely with Pea Purée during blue winter days longing for the colours of warmer seasons.

DUSTY GRAPE — Sometimes the cold Finnish winter sky turns purple instead of blue, but the Dusty Grape colour was inspired by different shades of purple grapes on the vine during autumn’s beautiful harvest season in France. Merino is a premium, super-soft quality of wool and if it was grapes, they would make fine-dining wine for royals. In Dusty Grape, the dark purple colour is mixed with some lighter tones, which gives the fabric a slightly powdery, very sophisticated look. A colour for a 2022/2023 season of hope, optimism, and positivity. Especially beautiful in combination with the new green and rose melange choices: Pea Purée and West Wind Rose.

FOGGY BLACK — Our Foggy Black is an often returning colour choice in the Natural Family Woollies assortment, a much-loved anthracite melange consisting of black with grey tones, like a stunning rainstorm on the way. In Southern climates, cloudy days bring a change in scenery and can have a positive effect on people’s moods. We suggest doing the same with your wardrobe – pick a few new colours to combine with your Blacks. All the other colours in the collection fit with Foggy Black and create huge variations and fantastic combinations. Let the dark fog move over beautiful Heather flower fields with a dinosaur standing tall in the Highlands in your mind while getting dressed in the morning…



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2022-2023 Collection

We are bringing you a total of seven colours for next autumn/winter, to combine with former collections, and make new connections in your capsule wardrobes.