About Us

Our story

Babyidea Ltd. is a Nordic family owned company founded in year 2002, already two decades ago. Our office is located in the Helsinki area, Finland. We are concentrating on manufacturing and marketing the MaM® Design products designed by ourselves, also partnering with other companies sharing our values. We distribute some of these companies’ products in Finland and Scandinavia (for ex. Ki ET LA sunglasses and Carriwell maternity and nursing underwear).


The Story of ManyMonths® and MaM® Design

MaM® Design’s first steps were taken over a decade ago when Bettina’s oldest son was born in 2001, and she was on maternity leave from her university teacher profession. At the time stretchy wrap slings were totally unheard of in Europe, babywearing garments were something really exotic (the most dedicated knew about the Inuits with their traditional bighooded parkas) and cloth diapers were mostly flat foldables that made babies look like cute little cherubs. A lot has happened during these exciting years since the millennium shift. And we feel proud knowing that we’ve been stepping along on the wonderful path of development.

MaM® Design has grown with Bettina’s children and the size of the family from a few cardboard boxes of storage acting as playing tables in the bedroom to a 500 m2 own office/warehouse in the metropolitan Helsinki area. And now we have a knowledgeable team of staff who is at your service in several languages, in addition to dedicated distributors and retailers all over Europe. Not everything has changed, however, our main focus is still on products supporting natural parenting solutions, new innovations and a greener world for us all to find joy within.